Learn How to Build Smart, Integrated, and Scalable Rail Transport

Rail transport is one of the most complex and geographically distributed asset-based businesses. It combines engineering with tracks, bridges, tunnels, multiple utility networks such as communications, electric, and drainage, passenger and freight services, and extensive real estate and property assets. To be successful, they require balancing multiple factors that are often in conflict, such as safety, cost, capacity, quality of service, and the environment.

Having access to relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information is critical, but may be challenging if data is widely dispersed in various business systems across the organisation. This blocks internal users from getting timely access to all the information they need to efficiently complete their work.

As the world seeks greater mobility and environmental issues become more critical, the high-speed train is set to become an increasingly attractive alternative to air travel. The main obstacle to rapid growth is the cost of building systems that, in well-developed countries, can cost $100 million per kilometre.

Hexagon Geospatial helps to efficiently analyse and maintain rail networks and infrastructure to maximise efficiency and support operational and suitability goals. Whether it’s buckling tracks, flooding, destabilized ground, or electrical storm damage to catenary, rail operators must respond and adapt to the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. We offer the most comprehensive rail solutions to address any environmental hazard, helping you to respond faster, restore service more quickly, and save lives and infrastructure.

Key Benefits for Rail Organisations

  • Build, share, and utilise a current and accurate map-based inventory of a network’s assets
  • More efficient scheduling
  • Document and manage extensive land and property holdings
  • Map, monitor, analyse, and help mitigate environmental risks
  • Reduce costs and improve performance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Consolidate multiple legacy systems

Most of the DOT’s in the US and Rail & Highway Organisations in Europe rely on our products for advanced geospatial transportation solutions, merging geospatial data with information technology and business process improvement tools to create efficient workflows and cut down costs.


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