Keeping Them Safe: Connecting Citizens to Their Dispatch Lifeline

Every year, 911 call centers receive millions of service calls. Most of those calls are placed by citizens using smartphones.

While mobile technologies have fundamentally changed how people communicate and connect, many public safety answering points (PSAPs) still rely on ANI/ALI landline location information. As a result, call-takers and dispatchers have difficulty pinpointing call locations, which has the potential to cause confusion for first responders and delay their arrival to the scene. This experience has led to citizen frustration, leaving many to ask, “If Uber can find me, why can’t 911?”

In this webinar, Donno Cole, technical director for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, and Karin Marquez, public safety regional business development manager for RapidSOS, discuss how Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch system and RapidSOS’ location accuracy technology work together to help PSAPs fully leverage the capabilities of smartphones without requiring callers to use specialized apps.

Watch the webinar now!


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