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Ensuring people and freight traveling by train arrive safely and on time is critical for rail operators. Driven by increasing demand for transportation options and a greater focus on sustainability, and because passenger and freight rail traffic are expected to double by 2050, preventing, mitigating and addressing security incidents are more important than ever.

Hexagon’s Security & Surveillance portfolio for rail protects passengers and personnel while also safeguarding critical infrastructure and property, helping you reduce disruptions and restore service as quickly as possible when disruptions are unavoidable. By integrating 3D surveillance systems, security and collaboration tools and dispatch, the portfolio provides end-to-end workflows for detecting, assessing, responding and collaborating to prevent and contain incidents.

Let’s take a look at the portfolio.


Threat detection near your assets and infrastructure is redefined with 3D surveillance and expanded perimetric security.

By combining LiDAR, video, thermal sensors, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI), the Leica BLK247 smart 3D surveillance system can immediately determine threats versus non-threats. It has 360-degree by 270-degree true 3D monitoring, with the option to monitor an entire space or a defined area of interest using 3D geofencing.

Unlike conventional systems that typically guard perimeters, the accur8vision smart 3D surveillance system guards the entire area of a patrolled space. If an intruder enters a guarded area, such as a tunnel entrance, the system is notified. The operator receives data based on the exact location, size and speed of the intruder – even the trajectory of his or her movements. Because the system knows the size of moving objects, it is possible to ignore small objects, such as animals, as well as large objects, including passing trains.

Both systems help rail security teams reduce false positives, which saves time and costs associated with teams investigating non-threatening issues.


Protecting people and critical infrastructure is a vital, ongoing process, but sifting through the noise of disparate systems to identify threats can become overwhelming.

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian, part of the HxGN OnCall portfolio, is a physical security information management (PSIM) solution for monitoring, managing and responding to live incidents. It integrates data from Leica BLK247 and accur8vision systems, plus data from other alarms, sensors, video, IoT and intrusion devices to provide real-time situational awareness. Guardian reduces monitoring burdens on security teams by centralizing security operations and detection inputs into a common operating picture.


When Security | Guardian is combined with HxGN OnCall Dispatch, rail security operators can dispatch incident responders as needed. It provides comprehensive dispatching and incident management to deliver better results, from routine incidents to major emergencies and events.

Supporting on-premises, cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments, OnCall Dispatch provides superior incident management capabilities in the public safety answering point (PSAP), control room, station, unit or anywhere first responders need to go. Accessible by browser and mobile app, it delivers a range of role-based capabilities so agencies can assign the right tools to every type of user.


Detecting, assessing and responding to threats involve not only security operations centers, but also other agencies and at times city, state or regional governments. That means cross-functional collaboration, shared awareness and coordinated action are necessary for the best possible outcomes.

HxGN Connect is a cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace that allows rail security operators to share data and coordinate action among diverse teams based on different types of data such as assets, events and incidents, units, cameras, alarms and more. It allows them to build dashboards on the fly that are specific to the needs and mission at hand and then share those dashboards with other organizations and agencies who play a role in the coordinated action and response.

Tying it all together

Tying everything together in the background, Xalt | Integration provides plug-in IoT, sensor and enterprise integration for a single intuitive interface for legacy connections, databases and IT systems.

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