Is AI the cure for information overload in public safety? [infographic]

In today’s high-tech world, information overload plagues nearly every industry. Public safety emergency communication centers are no exception.

Call-takers and dispatchers are expected to handle complex, unfolding emergencies at a rapid pace. The nonstop influx of data is nearly impossible to sift through and categorize manually. These challenges cause information gaps and can lead to an overburdened workforce missing crucial connections.

How assistive artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help

Modern dispatch tools, especially those leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, help personnel identify hard-to-spot, complex emergencies earlier and make connections between seemingly unrelated events. Assistive AI helps comms centers run smoother with timelier response and delivers a clearer picture of the situation for informed decision-making and a staff empowered to perform at a higher standard.

First to the market in the public safety industry, HxGN OnCall® Dispatch | Smart Advisor works within Hexagon’s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions to help each role in the comms center see the unseen.

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Visit Hexagon’s Smart Advisor page here.

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