Introducing HxGN OnCall: The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Public Safety Solutions

On behalf of Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, it’s my pleasure to introduce our brand-new, next-generation portfolio of public safety solutions – HxGN OnCall.

Building on nearly three decades of domain expertise and leveraging the newest technological innovations of UX, cloud, mobility, analytics, and more, HxGN OnCall is the most comprehensive portfolio of public safety solutions on the market today.

With flexible, out-of-the-box capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility, HxGN OnCall uniquely provides public safety agencies with cohesive solution suites for increasing operational agility and quickly adapting to changing demands. Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, HxGN OnCall helps agencies of all sizes build safer, more resilient communities.

Seamless Integration for Better Coordination
Complex events require coordination across all services in a city or region. Without it, response is disorganized, ineffective, and even dangerous. HxGN OnCall seamlessly integrates all our public safety products, enabling first responders to move quickly. Emergencies happen so fast, and it’s our job to help agencies respond even faster, because lives depend on it.

Greater Flexibility for Changing Public Safety Needs
New types of hazards, new kinds of crimes, and emerging technologies have created entirely new public safety requirements. Agencies are having to broaden the scope of missions to adapt skills, operations, and technologies to address new roles and functions. HxGN OnCall delivers the right capabilities and workflows for each role, allowing users to adapt more quickly and easily to changing needs and technology.

Intuitive UX for Increased Agility
HxGN OnCall increases agency agility by delivering only the most relevant data and options for the task at hand. The dynamic and intuitive UX delivers clear insight and streamlined workflows to reduce time between initial alerts and taking effective action. This not only improves efficiency in day-to-dayoperations but can also be the difference in life or death during an emergency.

Secure, Cost-Effective Solutions for Agencies of all Sizes
Each of the four suites within the HxGN OnCall portfolio delivers a cost-effective solution with simplified administration and powerful, configuration-based customization. Cloud-based implementations with platforms like Microsoft Azure offer exceptional security, physical resilience, and elastic scalability without capital expenditure or the administrative burden of a supporting IT environment. This extends the accessibility of HxGN OnCall’s modernized capabilities to all agencies, empowering even smaller cities with state-of-the-art technologies to keep citizens and infrastructure safe.

Your Trusted Advisor for Safe Cities Today & in the Future
As a trusted advisor for thousands of public safety agencies around the world, Hexagon provides the right capabilities for adapting to ever-changing demands. We will continue to invest in solutions that will make agencies, communities, cities, and nations safer and more resilient.

We’re excited about the future, and hope you are, too. This is just the beginning!

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