Intergraph NetWorks Is a Gateway Solution to Future Technologies

As an industry-leading software solutions provider, we know our customers are always thinking about what they can do next with technology. Whether it’s using resources more effectively, becoming more efficient with time, or being innovators and visionaries within their respective industry, our customers realize that technology and its capabilities cannot stand still, especially when business operations and models change. At Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, we understand that new technologies must be created and adapted to support new challenges and opportunities within a given industry. That’s why we are so excited to have Intergraph NetWorks as our network data gateway solution for our utilities, communications, and gas pipeline customers.

Since we support hundreds of utilities, communications, and gas pipeline customers around the world with network engineering, network operations, customer services, sales and marketing, and physical security solutions, we built a platform that would publish our customers’ existing data onto other advanced technology platforms. This capability opens the door to leveraging a wide range of technology solutions from publishing Intergraph G/Technology data through Intergraph NetWorks to a customer support portal or to an augmented reality (AR) platform for field users. Ultimately, Intergraph NetWorks enables your organization to take advantage of ever-changing technologies and increase the utilization of your Intergraph G/Technology investment across your enterprise – from management to contractors. Intergraph NetWorks brings customer into with future with greater capabilities at their fingertips.

Here is an example of how Intergraph NetWorks can expose your data and display it in an augmented reality format. This is just one way we see companies extending their Intergraph G/Technology investment and unlocking the value of their GIS data.


Intergraph NetWorks can empower you to consume and display data in innovative ways while giving you the ability to take advantage of new technologies. To learn more about Intergraph NetWorks and how it could help bridge a gap between current and future technology across your organization, join us October 18 at 12:00 p.m. EST for our “Get Connected with Intergraph NetWorks” webinar.

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