Intergraph Establishes Studio One User Experience Lab

We are pleased to announce Studio One, our new user experience (UX) design and development lab that provides space for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate on innovative, user-centered products and solutions. Located at our headquarters in Huntsville, Ala., Studio One is an extension of our strategic efforts to ensure that our products are built to meet the needs of users.

The Studio One lab consists of user researchers, designers, technical architects and functional designers. To better understand customer workflows and environments, our UX team conducted customer site visits, ethnographic observation, interviews and surveys.

The UX team works with product development teams to build usage metrics collection into our products so that strategists and design and development teams have the best possible data on which to base product direction decisions. The team also works with research groups at universities such as Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt and the University of Alabama in Huntsville to get independent perspectives on user mental models and emerging technologies.

For more information on Studio One, read our latest press release.

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