Innovation, Analytics, and How Halton Regional Police Service Is on the Cutting-edge of Public Safety

Industry leader. Innovator. Cutting-edge. These are adjectives and accolades that many organizations bestow upon themselves ad nauseam. That’s why it’s so much more meaningful when an objective third-party publicly recognizes organizations that truly embody those characteristics.

For many years, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has partnered closely with Halton Regional Police Service of Ontario, Canada, to implement data-driven public safety solutions. With a Police Analytics unit and a data warehouse collecting and consolidating agency-wide information, Halton Regional Police Service has turned big data into reporting and analytics that inform the its law enforcement policies and improve its service delivery. We’ve known for years that Halton Regional Police Service was accomplishing a goal that many law enforcement agencies haven’t reached yet. And this year, other people and interested parties started taking notice.

Last month, Halton Regional Police Service was recognized by two organizations for its innovative approaches to policing and its commitment to the community. First, Halton Regional Police Service was named a 2016 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Award honoree for its use of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure software. The prestigious honor recognized the agency for its innovative big data initiatives, which have delivered significant business value to the department. Second, Deputy Chief Nishan ‘Nish’ Duraiappah received the Governor General’s Order of Merit of the Police Forces for his exceptional leadership and tireless community advocacy. During this year’s HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s international conference, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure also presented Halton Regional Police Service with an Icon Award, our highest customer award, for the police service’s visionary use of software to significantly benefit its citizens and community.

I would like to say, “congratulations” to Halton Regional Police Service for being honored and recognized for its forward-thinking approach to law enforcement. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is proud to call Halton our partner. We look forward to helping the police agency further realize its vision to serve the needs of the Halton region.

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