IMAGEM is Accelerating Digital Transformation with Location Intelligence

Tieme de JongeAbout the Author: Tieme de Jonge

Tieme de Jonge is a Marketing Communications Specialist at IMAGEM, where he creates content for a variety of platforms. IMAGEM serves the Benelux region and is dedicated to communicating location intelligence and visualizing change.

Digital transformation is paving the way to a connected future, and the basis for digitalization is data.

Connecting data points to location can provide critical insights, but users must be able to process, organize, analyze, and visualize data to unlock its value.

IMAGEM is helping businesses do just that and accelerate their digital transformations through innovation in geospatial technology, powered by Hexagon.

Creating Digital Twins

IMAGEM’s unique spatial models and machine learning algorithms automate data processing and create meaningful information.

To visualize the real world in a multi-dimensional environment, IMAGEM also creates digital twins. These digital copies of the real world enable users to run scenario simulations and see the outcomes of their decisions.

IMAGEM’s tools help users stay informed and make confident, data-driven choices. By working smarter and more efficiently, organizations can accelerate digital transformation and be prepared for the future.

Watch the video to learn more.


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