HxGN OnCall Planning & Response: The Best Asset for Major Event Management

It’s been a busy few weeks for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division since the global launch of HxGN OnCall, our new, next-generation portfolio of public safety solutions. Signaling an exciting development for the future of public safety, HxGN OnCall leverages nearly 30 years of domain experience to increase operational agility and adapt to changing industry needs.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response is a cohesive suite for helping agencies of every size build safer and more resilient communities. That means effectively organizing and using resources for safe, efficient, and effective operations during major incidents and events.

Why HxGN OnCall Planning & Response?

Public safety agencies must not only address day-to-day concerns and community issues, but they also play leading roles in ensuring communities plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from major incidents. This places increased pressure on agencies to properly manage these events, which are too large and complex to be treated as traditional calls for service.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response integrates and coordinates resources, procedures,and communications across diverse teams and individual agencies. It fulfills incident command system (ICS) requirements and harnesses the collective capabilities of diverse responders to provide a single source of information through the entire event life cycle.

Benefits of HxGN OnCall Planning & Response

As a single, unified solution for all functions and every stage of operation, HxGN OnCall Planning & Response supports incident command in a variety of environments: on-scene, in tactical operations centers, at emergency operations centers, and for secondary and tertiary responders. These multi-access points are crucial. By enabling all authorized users to access the system, the suite provides a unified understanding of the entire major event for better management. It enables teams to continually monitor and adapt operations, helping agencies maintain control even in rapidly changing situations. But this is merely scratching the surface of what HxGN OnCall Planning & Response can help agencies accomplish. Let’s explore the suite in more detail.

Manages the Entire Event Life Cycle – To effectively manage large-scale incidents and major planned events, agencies must take a holistic approach to life cycle management. With HxGN OnCall Planning & Response, users can maintain a full record of operations and remove gaps in processes and data. This leads to faster and more efficient transfers of tasks and information – such as during escalation or hand-over between phases of operation – without duplicating efforts or creating delays.

Integrates Responders – HxGN OnCall Planning & Response enables public- and private-sector agencies to act as a cohesive unit with common purpose and direction. It provides overarching command, coordination, and oversight without replacing the systems and processes responders rely on in their day-to-day operations. It also follows ICS principles that ensure information and instructions are easily understood and interpreted in the same way across highly diverse organizations.

Offers Universal Access – All the benefits I’ve mentioned so far would be useless without the ability to quickly deploy and operate HxGN OnCall Planning & Response across diverse agencies and levels of command. New users simply log-in via a web client. This removes the need to install and maintain software for every organization and location, and it simplifies deployment and offers increased flexibility in the long term.

Unified Operational Information – With HxGN OnCall Planning & Response, agencies have access to a number of linked views that eliminate the problem of fragmented records, including common operating pictures, action plans, document libraries, organizational charts, and more.

Computer-Aided Dispatch Integration – Agencies can enjoy fast and accurate information flows that are compatible with their computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software. HxGN OnCall Planning & Response supports messaging and communication among users and can also be linked to CAD systems. During a major event, this is crucial. Every user, and all system activity, is recorded in audit logs. Each contains vital data that supports post-event review, legal actions, training, and simulation.


HxGN OnCall Planning & Response is an essential tool in major event management. By working across various agencies and supporting new collaborations, HxGN OnCall Planning & Response ensures safe, efficient, and effective operations when agencies need it the most.

With HxGN OnCall Planning & Response, effective utilization of resources has never been easier.

To find out more about HxGN OnCall Planning & Response, visit our product page.

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