HxGN OnCall Dispatch, Deccan LiveMUM get fire, EMS moving in the right direction

A fire breaks out in the retail district downtown. It’s a big one, and it’s going to need reinforcements.

If the dispatcher sends four units from the downtown station to cover this fire, that doesn’t leave enough units to cover the rest of the station’s area.

The 911 dispatcher looks on their HxGN OnCall Dispatch screen and is alerted by the LiveMUM app that a gap in coverage exists. LiveMUM instantly recommends a course of action: Send the four units from the downtown station to cover the retail district fire, then move up two units from the west district station and two units from the east district station to cover downtown.

Using OnCall Dispatch, the dispatcher sends the required units on their way to the fire and the backups are quickly enroute to their newly recommended positions. All the while, the dispatcher has a continuously updated display fed by OnCall Dispatch, providing the status of the engine, ladder and advanced life support units.

LiveMUM, short for Live Move-Up Module, from Deccan International, makes those difficult decisions easy, calculating the gaps in coverage and the best places from which to pull needed resources, be it fire or ambulance units. The web-based software tool tracks each unit’s status, location and incident assignment and recommends moves directly through HxGN OnCall Dispatch, adhering to custom department coverage policies.

“It’s meant to be a simple-to-use application that does high-powered real-time analytics,” said Jack Breitbeil, vice president of sales and marketing for Deccan International.

The longtime Hexagon partner has been serving fire and EMS services across the U.S., Canada and Australia for decades, mainly in large and medium-sized cities. The LiveMUM module, also available in a mobile app, prevents dispatchers accustomed to the real-time, smart features of HxGN OnCall Dispatch from having to depend on static move-up charts or on-the-fly decision making.

The fact that LiveMUM can be embedded in HxGN OnCall Dispatch provides easy access when time is of the essence. Customers can buy the entire solution directly from Hexagon, or Hexagon can integrate it into their existing CAD system.

Read more about Hexagon’s public safety solutions at https://hxgnpublicsafety.com/


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