HxGN LIVE 2019 Utilities & Communications Sessions Preview

Utilities today are tackling multiple challenges, from grid modernization and government regulations to IT/OT integration and increased demand for affordable, reliable electricity. Organizations must adapt quickly to these changes to continue making smart decisions and delivering vital services cities everywhere depend on.Shape your knowledge and sharpen your Hexagon software skills by attending HxGN LIVE, 11-14 June in Las Vegas, where we’ll offer multiple utility and communications workshops and sessions planned with you in mind. Whatever your organization’s goals or interests are, you’ll get the tools and insights you need to tackle complex problems and advance your digital transformation journey.

Don’t Miss These 5 Must-Attend Sessions

If you’re still on the fence about the conference, check out these five must-attend sessions designed to help your organization become a smart utility enterprise:

What’s New: Intergraph InService Road Map
Want to know more about the future of Hexagon’s utility operations software? In this session, learn about Intergraph InService Fault Location, the first new product release in our upcoming suite of ADMS applications. A Hexagon product expert will provide details about future Intergraph InService mobile plans and the initial release of our web mobile clients built on the InService network enterprise architecture. Get ready to upgrade or deploy to take advantage of all we have to offer.

Customer Story: How EPB is Transforming Communications & Service
Today’s electric power customers expect more than just reliable service. They also want to understand and reduce their energy use, discover new products, and stay as green as possible. EPB, one of America’s largest publicly owned electric power providers, is at the forefront of this movement by delivering a unique customer service experience to more than 170,000 homes and businesses in greater Chattanooga, Tennessee, and parts of north Georgia. From securing the smart grid to developing a customer app built on advanced mobile technology, EPB is a proven role model for utilities around the world. In this customer-led session, EPB manager Ken Jones will explain how you can grow your customer communications network and ensure your organization is prepared for the future.

Configuring Intergraph NetWorks for Your Organization
Intergraph NetWorks is a flexible software suite that delivers secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities. By using web services to simplify interfaces, integrations, and task-oriented portals and mobile applications, NetWorks makes Intergraph G/Technology network models available and usable wherever needed, even on the move. In this two-hour session, a Hexagon product expert will explain how to publish web services and provide examples of how organizations can use them to reduce costs, improve agility, and fulfill business needs.

Leveraging the Power of Legend Builder
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-designed map speaks volumes. A good Intergraph G/Technology map begins with the legend, which took considerable time and effort in the past to build. Those days are over with Legend Builder, an application that allows users to create and manage the legend and edit metadata quickly and easily. In this instructor-led session, a Hexagon product expert will demonstrate how to copy an existing legend and edit it to match a specific workflow.

Using Mobile GPS to Improve Your Utility’s Data Quality
Global positioning systems (GPS) have transformed field activities for many utilities, providing a vast collection of highly accurate spatial data to support various systems and objectives. By understanding the quality of data required for collection, a utility can make important decisions about resource investment related to equipment costs, time spent by crews in the field, and applications the data will support. In this session, discover how three Intergraph G/Technology customers are using mobile GPS data to improve their operations.

Make 2019 a year to remember by joining the Safety & Infrastructure track at HxGN LIVE. Save $500 when you register through 29 April with our $849 Act Fast Rate.

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