HxGN LIVE 2019: Public Safety Hands-on Training Preview for System Administrators

HxGN LIVE 2019, Hexagon’s annual digital solutions conference, will be held June 11-14 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. From now until January 21, we’re offering a $699 Priority Registration rate for HxGN LIVE 2019.

If scoring a sweet deal isn’t enough to tempt you into joining us at HxGN LIVE 2019, here’s a sneak peek of the public safety hands-on training we’re offering to system administrators at this year’s conference.

Public Safety Hands-on Training for System Administrators


I/CAD System Administration
When every moment counts, getting the most out of your I/CAD system is critical. Sharpen your skills as an I/CAD system administrator in this two-hour, hands-on training course with top-notch Hexagon product experts. You’ll learn best practices, explore configurations and the I/CAD registry, and use administrative tools and products to configure a working I/CAD system.

I/CAD System Administration – GUI Modification
During this deep-dive session, you will discover how to modify GUI resources in Microsoft Visual Studio, make new modifications in monitors through Windows Presentation Foundation, and manage configuration files in CADDBM. This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and I/CAD products, including CADDBM, I/Executive, and I/Dispatcher.

I/CAD System Administration – Deployment & Centralized Administration
Hone your skills as an I/CAD system administrator during this four-hour, hands-on training course. Learn how to deploy and configure your I/CAD system to improve incident response and boost productivity within your agency. During this deep-dive session, you will learn how to install I/CAD silently and automatically, use Group Policy to distribute I/CAD configuration, manage configuration files in CADDBM, and maintain map and deployment files.

Mobile Administration & Remote Content Manager
In this four-hour, hands-on training course, Hexagon product experts will share the essentials of mobile administration for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety and explain how to update field units with Remote Content Manager. During this deep-dive session, you will learn how to send information from I/CAD and I/Mobile Data Terminal to Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety; install, configure, and deploy Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety; and configure and deploy Remote Content Manager.

Exploring Intergraph Mobile Responder
In this hands-on training course, see how Intergraph Mobile Responder extends Intergraph I/CAD to public safety agencies, providing the information and situational awareness they need to effectively respond to and manage any crisis.

CAD Workflows
Join this two-hour, hands-on training session and explore the Workflows capability in I/CAD. See how you can leverage this powerful tool to extend the benefits of I/Calltaker and I/Dispatcher for your public safety agency.

Solving Problems with I/Map Editor
Increase your knowledge of I/MapEditor as it relates to the I/CAD system map maintenance workflow. During this two-hour, hands-on training course, you will use specialized data to create I/CAD mapping files and related map table data. Learn how to solve practical workflow problems with this tool, as well as some important aspects of map design and data maintenance.

Oracle 101
In this two-hour, hands-on training course on Oracle, learn how to spot minor issues before they become major headaches for your team. Hexagon product experts will explain how scheduled maintenance and monitoring may help your agency avoid some problems altogether.

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