How to Enhance Your Fire Incident Response with Mobile Solutions

When fire fighters are en route to an emergency event, they need instant access to the same information dispatchers have. With advancements in mobile technology, fire personnel can send and receive critical information from anywhere, not just in their vehicles.

Our solutions, like Intergraph Mobile Responder and Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety, make critical information available and accessible via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Every day, these solutions are used by fire agencies to reduce dispatcher workloads, decrease radio traffic, and cut the time responders spend filling out paperwork. Let’s take a closer look at each solution.

Intergraph Mobile Responder
Intergraph Mobile Responder extends Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch’s (I/CAD) capabilities to smartphones and tablets. It’s an easy to use, affordable option that improves safety and productivity. Available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices, Intergraph Mobile Responder:

  • Provides constant access to I/CAD, inside and outside of fire response vehicles, to create events, view incident details, send and receive messages, update status, query databases, and more
  • Incorporates native device capabilities, such as push notifications, GPS, and cameras
  • Gives responders a geospatial view of all activity in an area, and provides dispatchers with real-time location of responders in the field

Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety
Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety is a full-featured extension of I/CAD for laptops and Windows mobile devices, providing complete incident management capabilities in the field. Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety:

  • Provides extensive I/CAD capabilities inside and outside of fire response vehicles
  • Features integration with the CAD map for navigation
  • Offers a highly-tailored user experience for fire agencies

On July 25th, we are hosting a free webinar that will explore how agencies can enhance their fire response capabilities with our mobile solutions. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how mobile apps allow them to: invoke staging areas for media and the command post, highlight critical hazmat information, discover new hazmat information on scene, highlight incident command, track key checkpoints, and request an evacuation. You’re invited to join us.

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