How MITNETZ STROM Standardizes Utility Network Data with GIS Platform

Serving 2.3 million customers, MITNETZ STROM is a regional electrical distribution network operator that manages a power grid across the German federal states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. In 2002, enviaM, the predecessor company of MITNETZ STROM, began a gradual corporate consolidation from four small energy utilities into one provider.

As part of the consolidation process, enviaM needed to capture, aggregate, integrate, and standardize technical and spatial data for operating equipment, conductors, and facilities. It wanted a platform that would be central to its operation, support long-term planning, and enable smart grid capabilities.

Discover how MITNETZ STROM usedIntergraph G/Technology and Intergraph G!NIUS to standardize its existing network data while creating an operational-ready model that is sharable across the enterprise and accessible via the web.

Download the case study today.

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