Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Stars at International Critical Control Rooms Congress

Last week, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure took a leading role at the International Critical Control Rooms Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. The congress saw the official launch of the International Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA) at last Wednesday’s launch party, which was proudly sponsored by Hexagon. The ICCRA is a working group of the TCCA and brings together critical control room professionals to help deliver excellent mission-critical services. It’s also a perfect fit for Hexagon’s portfolio of public safety solutions.

The launch and congress were the culmination of many months of work by the ICCRA leadership team and ICCRA’s founder and chair, Peter Prater, the new managing director of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in the U.K. Asked about the congress Prater said, “It’s been a great success and surpassed our hopes for the first year. We put together a three-day program that included the launch of ICCRA’s first project, a visit to the remarkable establishment and control center at CERN, a series of exceptional speakers, over 150 delegates, event sponsorship, and a significant list of exhibitors. More than this, however, was the feedback from many people that this was a friendly, focused, interactive and information-rich event offering many chances for networking. It makes all our efforts worthwhile.”

The congress had a markedly intimate and sociable feel with great energy injected at regular intervals by Peter Prater as he led the debate and cajoled the audience into participation. Hexagon also exhibited at the event and took the opportunity to introduce its recently released next-generation command and control solution Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher to notable public safety agencies from around the world, including various Norwegian agencies, Victoria Police, Danish Police, the Irish Garda, and London’s Metropolitan Police. Prater also commented, “This was a great event, truly international, and not just about the technology in the control room, but also the people who use it and need to make it work. We are delighted to have been part of the congress, learning from some great speakers, and making valuable relationships in such an intimate setting.”

After a highly satisfying congress, ICCRA now sets its sights on 2018 as it progresses its first Integration Standards project, drives membership, and delivers a series of member events leading to the second ICCRA Congress, which will be held next December in London.

If you would like to learn more about ICCRA’s mission, events, news, and membership, visit its website today.

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