Hexagon partners with Polytechnic University of Madrid

Hexagon is proud to announce a new partnership with Polytechnic University of Madrid.

We’ll be providing ERDAS IMAGINE software for students to use as they learn about remote sensing during the course of earning their degrees.

Geographic imaging experts need to process vast amounts of geospatial data every day, and since they’ll already be familiar with ERDAS IMAGINE when they graduate, the program will benefit the students when they enter the field of working professionals.

Diverse organizations use ERDAS IMAGINE to leverage their geospatial data investments, from land and urban planners who monitor and support decision making for sustainable urban development to transportation analysts looking to streamline the construction process and monitor infrastructure. Data producers use photogrammetric tools to improve performances and the accuracy of the information they generate, and defense analysts can discover specific activities to support field operations and react quickly to events.

Investing in the future

We recognize the benefits of collaboration between business and academia, so we provide universities with education programs featuring innovative tools that visualize and analyze dynamic information, allowing users to solve real-world challenges and invest in the future with confidence.

Students interested in a career in geospatial sciences get to learn about the leading-edge technology they need to hone their analytical skills. The program teaches them to process large quantities of raw spatial data; unearth insightful information from imagery, terrain, radar and LiDAR data sources; and deliver dynamic analysis and mapping products.

As trusted products used in academia for 40+ years, Hexagon’s desktop software has been helping students gain in-depth knowledge and develop expertise. With creative and intuitive interfaces, smart workflows, and automated technologies, students can apply geospatial science knowledge to a variety of disciplines, from the natural sciences to communications. Learn more about our Education Program.

José Luis Peinado

José Luis Peinado

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