Hexagon Geospatial: Now a Friend of the Flat Earth Society

Back in 2016, we noted that a popular musician made headlines after sharing his belief that the Earth is flat. In the same article, we stated that when it comes to the flat Earth debate, we hold a more well-rounded belief.

However, we feel it’s the right time to share some very exciting news. After careful consideration and effective immediately, Hexagon’s Geospatial division is officially a Friend of the Flat Earth Society.

Why the Turnaround?

We have come to learn that flat Earth theories are much more complex than previously believed, and are actually based on sound mathematical and scientific research.

In support of transparency, we would also like to note another determining factor for joining the society.

After a $12 donation, the Friend of the Flat Earth Society designation comes with a major perk that is hard to overlook. In addition to a certificate and medallion, new Friends also receive trinkets such as stickers, fridge magnets, and postcards.

After realizing that public support of round-Earth ideologies has never resulted in similar appreciation, it was decided that the Geospatial division is much better aligned with our new flat Earth friends.

Until such time as the benefits of being a round-Earther have a similar circumference, we will continue to be Friends of the society.

Additionally, internal leadership is still determining how best to divide the free merchandise among the Geospatial division’s 800+ employees.

What This Means for You

Flat Earth Projection - Luciad Portfolio

Fortunately, partners and customers can join us on this new and infinitely expanding journey – particularly, when it comes to fusing the flat and digital worlds.

In alignment with our new status as Friends of the Flat Earth Society, all Geospatial division solutions will only support flat Earth projections going forward. Although there may be a short adjustment period, we hope everyone can circumnavigate the transition smoothly.

Not sure how this will work with your data? Take a look at the video below, which showcases a sample flat Earth projection imported to Luciad Portfolio’s Lucy application component.

Stay tuned to the Sensing Change Blog for more news updates from Hexagon.

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