Hexagon Geospatial Japan Presents at 122nd Open System Consortium Seminar

At the 122nd Open System Consortium Seminar in Tokyo, Hexagon Geospatial Japan was honored to present the Hexagon Smart M.App and M.App X to a crowd of enthusiastic attendees. The Open System Consortium aims at developing information processing technology, especially developing open system and networking technology in the defense field. They do this through a series of regular seminars.

The needs of the defense sector are demanding. Analysts spend their time navigating through a variety of big data. Loading, correcting, processing, analyzing, storing, saving, and delivering all of this data frequently requires a number of software packages. Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and GIS software packages take time to load and process the data. In the defense realm, time can mean the difference between safety and disaster.

What is needed is a cloud-based solution that integrates all of these packages into one solution that enables all-source analysis.

M.App X Provides an Answer

In his presentation, Hexagon Geospatial Singapore Technical Manager, Kwong Ki Chong presented M.App X, a Hexagon Smart M.App that has been adopted by one of the US defense agency.

M.App X at the Open System ConsortiumBy effectively fusing the image analysis and spatial analysis in the cutting edge cloud-based solution, M.App X significantly reduces system development and management costs. Hexagon Geospatial has been porting the technology developed for their industry-leading Power Portfolio over to the Hexagon Smart M.Apps. By building on familiar technology like operators from the Spatial Modeler, developers can rapidly prototype a solution tailored to the needs of users. This streamlines workflows like image analysis and spatial analysis, where they can easily summarize and report the results.

With a good mix of 120 attendees, presentation and demo booth helped in fostering a stronger connection between users of defense related organization, partners, Sis and Hexagon Geospatial team and provided a common platform to address their queries to geospatial applications and solutions.

Watch as Mladen Introduces M.App X at HxGN LIVE

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