Hexagon Geospatial Education Adds Three New Programs to the Lineup

Students and teachers – We hope you had a great summer and are enthusiastic for what’s to come this semester!

At Hexagon’s Geospatial division, we look forward to continuing our support of the future of education by supplying classrooms with the most innovative geospatial solutions for solving real-world problems.

Take a look at what some of our current Hexagon Geospatial Education students and professors have to say about their experiences with all that the Education programs have to offer:

What’s New with Hexagon Geospatial Education

So far, 2019  has been an exciting year for Hexagon Geospatial Education. We have officially released three new programs, allowing universities to even better prepare students to enter the workforce. These new programs will let faculties and students experience cloud-based imagery exploitation, dynamic geospatial app building, and 2D/3D real-time location analytics within their curriculum.

M.App X for Education

M.App X is a browser-based geospatial platform for users who want to process and analyze imagery efficiently without heavy, expensive software requirements. M.App X for Education is great for universities that are teaching the latest imagery analysis processes to students, preparing them for careers in the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) sector.

M.App Enterprise for Education

M.App Enterprise lets users create geospatial analytics apps and securely host them at their location, such as a university. With this solution, data such as imagery, vector, and point clouds can be stored on a university’s local server and accessed and updated easily from desktop, browser, or mobile devices. M.App Enterprise for Education lets students experience firsthand the benefits that come from shared access, interactivity, and dynamic, real-time answers derived from operational data.

Luciad for Education

Luciad solutions visualize and analyze objects as they move and change below, on, or above the Earth’s surface – including planes, trains, ships, people, infrastructure, and more. Luciad for Education will provide students the experience they need to understand next-generation geospatial solutions – ones that can seamlessly move from 2D/3D, integrate live sensor feeds, process data in real time, and work with many other systems, technology, and data. Luciad Portfolio’s desktop, browser, server, and mobile tools are especially suitable for projects in graduate-level computer science, computer engineering, civil engineering, mathematics, computational science, and research concentrations.


In additional to the new technologies you can find in Hexagon Geospatial Education, there are also updates on the way for many of the products available through the Desktop Educational Program.

In particular, get ready for the latest version of ERDAS IMAGINE, our desktop remote sensing solution, which is headed your way soon. Updates will include more machine learning and deep learning algorithms, advanced vector and GIS capabilities, and new sensor models.

Don’t forget that we also have thousands of curriculum pages available to the academic community through our Hexagon Geospatial U Community and support pages available through the general Hexagon Community.  We are constantly adding more and updating our material. These materials support ERDAS IMAGINE, as well as other products and solutions available through Hexagon Geospatial Education, such as Hexagon Smart M.Apps and GeoMedia.

Keep an eye out for announcements on new and updated product features, additional curriculum materials, and more, which you can find on the Sensing Change Blog.

Take Our Solutions for a Test Drive

We at Hexagon are excited to share what our Education programs have to offer. To schedule a demo or speak to someone from the Hexagon Geospatial Education team, complete the contact form, and we will reach out to you. You can also request access to try our solutions for yourself to see how they can enhance your university’s curriculum.

Best of luck to you all during this new school year!

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