Hexagon at EUROGI Conference: Geospatial Data Spaces in Madrid

The European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI) collaborated with the Spanish Association of Land & Property Surveyors to host the EUROGI Conference – Geospatial Data Spaces 27 October in Madrid. Hexagon was happy to be a part of the event.  

The conference brought together market experts and organizations whose knowledge,  technologies and standards help shape the creation of geospatial data repositories. Presenters and attendees shared ideas and discussed future activities. 

Hexagon focused on global navigation satellite system (GNSS) networks, specially HxGN SmartNet, and how it enables increased accuracy, productivity, availability and communication.  

The industry’s current focus is new developments in precise point positioning and real-time kinematic (PPP-RTK) correction services. PPP-RTK combines the advantages of both PPP and RTK techniques. It uses PPP for initial positioning, then switches to RTK for real-time corrections, allowing for both high accuracy and rapid convergence in determining the precise location of a receiver. Newly elected EUROGI President Alejandro Guineas de Salas will help drive this initiative forward.  

Hexagon is positioned to play a prominent role in the future of PPP-RTK technologies, and our presence at the EUROGI conference allowed us to collaborate and strategize with others and play an active, effective role in the initiative. 

Hexagon also strives to be an active part of the EUROGI Women in Geospatial Group, to shed light on how women are an active and vital part of the geospatial community.   

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