Hexagon and Fujitsu present innovative intrusion alert systems solution

Recently, Hexagon had the pleasure of collaborating with Fujitsu at the Fujitsu ActivateNow Technology Summit in Madrid, where Fujitsu and its partners demonstrated solutions based on disruptive and differentiating emerging technologies. 

Hexagon presented a fastalert alarm system for perimeter security using a BLK247 sensor connected to Fujitsu’s blockchainbased solution. Hexagons setup consisted of realtime, missioncritical dashboards built on top of a custom geospatial view.

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For this demo, the geospatial applications offered visualization of a wide range of datasets from three different organizations involved in handling and verifying an alarm: a security service provider, the police and an auditing authority. Each organization’s applications were securely integrated with each other through Fujitsu’s blockchain solution, then regulated on protocols defined as smart contracts running on the blockchain.  

BLK247 raised alarms and instantly visualized on the security dashboard, allowing the security operator toreject the alarm in case of a false-positive, handled internallyfor minor incidents or escalate them when external support is required. If security escalated the alarm to the police, alarm data, including information provided by security, was instantly communicated to the police dashboard. Police responded according to their protocol, acknowledged the incident and dispatched a unit to respond.

When using this system, alarm data and decisions made while handling the incident are timestamped and secured in a tamper-proof way on the blockchain, enabling the incident timeline to be audited in real time. The auditor examines the lifecycle of an incident in real time, since his or her dashboard is updated gradually throughout the incident. From the time the BLK247 sends an alert to the alert being handled, the auditor receives secure and indisputable data.  

Screen showing Fujitsu and Hexagon's solution with a blue sign sign with white text saying "Verification Audit Platform"

Whichever organization is involved in an incident, its operators can have a customized dashboard. For example, the security operator can visualize building plans (BIM/CAD), local roads and other monitoring equipment deployed on the incident location. The police dashboard can aggregate and provide information like realtime vehicle position, 3D city data, response units, radio communications, traffic cams, drone surveillance and more. When the auditor starts to verify incident details, the system offers a custom view of alarms, their timelines, the metadata and blockchain transaction information to have a transparent audit of actions taken by police and security.

These are not the only dashboard customizations, if different industries need different features there are more available. More information from the BLK247 for each alarm, and its metadata, can be visualized on the dashboards. 

Hexagon was proud to be a part of the Fujitsu ActivateNow summit. Partnering with Fujitsu to offer technologies to ensure safer communities and accessible data for agencies is something we strive to accomplish with our technology.

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