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This year, we introduced HxGN® NetWorks Core | Mobile, our new mobile application for the utilities and communications sector in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The app connects tablets and smartphones with Intergraph G/Technology® systems, linking users in the field to enterprise records, capabilities and workflows. With it, field crew can view, search and trace a network model. They can also redline, edit and capture data using a digital round trip in disconnected mode.

Developed by Hexagon’s EMEA Software Center, NetWorks Core | Mobile has a robust, responsive user interface (UI) and makes field work processes safer and more efficient, enables more accurate and up-to-date network records, reduces the workload for design and documentation teams and gives users the ability to work online and offline.

Here, I’d like to give you a more in-depth view of the product.

Works online and offline

Quality and currency of records are critical to utilities and communications networks, and field workers need to be able to work where needed and have access to detailed asset information, even in areas without stable internet connectivity.

Core | Mobile has an intuitive GIS interface; users experience the rich presentation of asset data and related information in an easily navigated UI and can participate in connected workflows across the field and the office. It uses the same vector data format as G/Technology, but it also supports other data sources, vector- and raster-based. In addition to the G/Technology database, there is an SQLite database to enable offline work on phones or tablets. Data entered by field workers can then be sent to a server and processed.

Backed by proven technology

To work safely and efficiently, utilities and communications networks need reliable ways to connect engineers with network models and tools they require, workflows from the back office to the field and employees to contractors. That’s what makes mobile GIS solutions business critical tools.

The Core | Mobile app is based on Hexagon Smart Visualization’s myVR, used for rendering data, and prepared for 3D visualization and augmented reality (AR), which is crucial for better understanding of underground infrastructure like pipes and cables by field workers, aiding in complex installations.

Core | Mobile also connects with advanced GPS antennas and surveying devices, leading to highly accurate field data capture at lower cost.

Supports back-office operations

To limit the risk of data loss, enable offline use and reduce data volume, users work with data subsets, called projects, only containing needed data. Projects are created and configured in administration tools and through Core | Mobile’s complementary (optional) server component, HxGN NetWorks Core | Admin Mobile, the app can distribute the projects to mobile devices and maintain data synchronization in both directions.

Different users can have access to different sets of projects, even on a single device.

Optimized for mobile devices

Core | Mobile is optimized for mobile devices with their smaller memories. Rendering and search performance are fast, even working with a complex 3.5-gigabyte database offline.

Our HxGN UX team supported the development of the app to ensure the best user experience possible on tablets and smart phones. For example, we considered click accuracy due to the use of fingertips instead of mice, we zeroed in on the most important data because of the different screen sizes for phones and tablets and we focused on delivering a smooth workflow for users.

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Find out more about HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile here.

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