Get Certified with BRS-Labs ERDAS IMAGINE Training Courses

Imagine you are managing operations within a mine – only instead of sending your team underground to possibly dangerous and unstable conditions, you’re confident that the possibility of landslides or other ground movements is minimal.

Or, picture you are working in an environmental office, where you monitor the vegetation in a nearby forest. You notice it is becoming dryer, creating possible fuel for a wildfire, so you pass this information to a task force to take proactive measures.

Millions of scenarios across multiple industries require leaders who can understand the status of the environments around them, as well as how it is changing. That understanding has to translate to decisions that increase operational safety and efficiency.

But how do you gain the understanding in the first place?

Preparing for the Future with a World-Class Remote Sensing Education

The National Ocean Service defines remote sensing as the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance. This science is one of the ways that a site manager can determine ground stability and overall safety of working within a particular mine, or how an environmental management group can determine moisture content in the land they monitor.

Ayman Salem, founder of Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs, understands the value that a remote sensing education provides to individuals from various academic and professional backgrounds, ultimately preparing them to be able to use remote sensing data to make smart operational decisions.

Because of this, he created a learning portal that provides remote sensing education and certification to a global network of students using one of the world’s most widely used remote sensing tools.

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs’ ERDAS IMAGINE-Based Course Offerings

BRS-Labs, Hexagon’s Developing Education Partner, offers the following remote sensing courses, certificates, and educational programs based on ERDAS IMAGINE software, and each option can be completed online or onsite. The onsite training can be either at the student’s location, or organized as a training event in Dubai.

Take a look at the options below:

Getting Started

A remote sensing education could be the key to unlocking insights that lead to safer and more efficient operations across many industries – including Disaster Management, Mining,  and Environmental Protection.

To learn more about taking courses with BRS-Labs to gain remote sensing abilities you can use across various industries, or to enroll in a course, contact Ayman Salem at

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