GEOIMAGE: From User, to Reseller and Now M.App Enterprise Developer

Wanting to deliver best in class solutions to their customers, long term Hexagon Geospatial partner Geoimage has gone from user to reseller and now to M.App Enterprise developer.

With the attitude of ‘The Future is Now’, Geoimage adopted the digital revolution to stay ahead of the curve. They have the infrastructure to tackle the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Cloud Computing to be a key player in the digital transformation age that positively disrupts conventional business practices.

For Geoimage, M.App Enterprise represents a new way of looking at things which are critical in providing an innovative evolution of their business, products, and services. “We partner with the world’s best to deliver exceptional results. For nearly 30 years Geoimage has remained at the cutting edge of image processing and interpretation, and M.App Enterprise will help us to challenge ourselves in the pursuit of doing things better and providing excellence in customer service” says Mark Edwards, General Manager.

Geoimage plans to integrate M.App Enterprise as a complimentary software architecture and an enriched capability to host, serve and analyze data. To help achieve this vision, a new business unit has been created to offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with the advantage of enabling access to enterprise level software, hardware, and expertise for partners and customers to leverage. A key advantage of this is offering outsourced and advanced solutions development to other M.App Enterprise subscribers that do not have the in-house capability to develop suitable solutions.

Offering this as a value added service, customers across multiple industries will reap the rewards of innovative solutions that will assist their competitive edge. Already, Geoimage is readying specific applications for repeat monitoring of mine activity, corridor and easement management, volume change and vegetation management for compliance and regulatory reporting. Applications will also be available to correlate spatial and non-spatial data such as Australian Bureau of Statistics or vector layers to provide analytical or statistically derived insights.

When asked about where do you see M.App Enterprise going in the future, Mark replied: “from strength to strength, we’re excited about the potential that M.App Enterprise and our interpretation of it represents for our business to lead the delivery of next generation business intelligence services.”

We look forward to witnessing what the future will bring. Learn what Geoimage can help your business achieve with M.App Enterprise.

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