Frost & Sullivan Releases White Paper on Smart Public Safety Emergency Planning and Response Solutions

According to U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports, extreme weather events, including wildfire, accounted for roughly $880 billion in property losses in the U.S. over the last 10 years. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s $880 billion with a ‘B’.

With wildfires raging in the western U.S. and parts of Canada, hurricanes devastating parts of Texas and Florida, and power outages leaving those effected almost helpless, it has never been more important for governments and organizations to plan for and respond to extreme events and emergencies. Not just for the safety of their citizens and customers, but for the billions of dollars at stake due to property damage, slow economic recovery, and environmental degradation.

In its new white paper Smart Public Safety Emergency Planning and Response Solutions,” Frost & Sullivan discusses how using technology during incidents and events can help city agencies and organizations with communications and data sharing, data analysis, and resource management. The paper alsolooks at why emergency planning and management solutions are critical to managing the entire life cycle of an emergency operation, for sharing information and coordinating efforts, and for preparing, planning, and training in advance of a major incident or event.

Another important highlight of this white paper is the trend of companies and governments adapting to new technologies. In 2016, global spending for public safety incident management tools was estimated at $6.75 billion. Frost & Sullivan projects 6 percent growth through 2026. It’s expected that more and more governments and organizations will invest in planning and response solutions like Intergraph Planning & Response.

To read “Smart Public Safety Emergency Planning and Response Solutions,” download it now. If you would like to take a demo of Intergraph Planning & Response, sign-up today.

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