From detection to collaboration: Hexagon highlights rail security and surveillance portfolio at ISC West 2021

The seconds between detecting a threat and resolving a situation can be costly for rail operators. Security operations centers (SOCs) need an easy way to monitor and process vast numbers of incidents from multiple locations, and they require systems to act on events in real-time. And every situation is different.

For rail network operators, Hexagon’s Security & Surveillance Portfolio for Rail covers the complete life cycle, from detection, to assessment, to response. It ensures customer safety, minimizes unplanned rail disruptions, and restores services faster when incidents occur.

Detection redefined by autonomous, 3D sensors

Behind the scenes, threat detection is a part of our daily lives and preserves our peace of mind. SOCs and law enforcement are tasked with detecting potential personal threats such as theft, vandalism or violence, as well as threats against assets and processes. Sensor technology aids police, guards and security teams in safeguarding lives; however, securing our societies and dealing with damage is costly. It’s also important in today’s world to balance security and privacy.

Autonomous detection has many benefits compared to traditional 2D, video-based surveillance, which can cause a proliferation of false alarms due to animals, weather, or other means. Threat detection is redefined by the use of 3D surveillance, such as Leica Geosystems’ BLK247. Its sensor fusion technology combines LiDAR, video, thermal sensors, edge computing and artificial intelligence, monitoring spaces with real-time change detection. BLK247 provides 360-degree by 270-degree true 3D monitoring, with the option to monitor an entire space or define specific areas of interest using 3D geofencing. Smart, 3D surveillance systems can immediately determine threats versus non-threats.

Assessment and response in a common operating picture

Protecting people and critical infrastructure is a vital, ongoing process, but sifting through the noise of disparate systems to identify threats can become overwhelming. In most cases, systems run independently of one another, creating lag time between monitoring events, missed opportunities to identify threats and delayed response times. And SOCs can be tasked with monitoring and controlling multiple systems and managing diverse locations across large swaths of territory.

To reduce the burdens on security teams monitoring and mitigating threats, solutions that centralize security operations into a common operating picture and coordinate appropriate responses are critical. HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian, part of the HxGN OnCall portfolio, is a physical security information management (PSIM) solution for monitoring, managing, and responding to live incidents. It integrates smart 3D surveillance systems and data from alarms, sensors, video, IoT, and intrusion devices to provide situational awareness for real-time event monitoring and response. When Security | Guardian is combined with HxGN OnCall Dispatch, rail security operators can dispatch police, fire, and EMS, as needed.

Connecting it all together

Detecting threats, assessing them, and responding to them involves not only SOCs, but also other organizations, including city, state, or regional governments. That means cross-functional collaboration, shared awareness, and coordinated action, significant hallmarks of resilient communities, and organizations, are necessary for the best possible outcomes. But collaboration can be messy and difficult. When technology barriers, such as the integration to systems, IoT devices, and applications combine with people barriers, like politics over data ownership and exchange standards, data sharing projects can be doomed before they even start.

To tie critical data from sensors, along with assessment and response tools, true collaboration tools are needed. HxGN Connect is a cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace that allows rail security operators to share data and coordinate action based on different types of data, such as assets, events and incidents, units, cameras, alarms and more. It allows them to build dashboards on the fly that are specific to the needs and mission at hand. And then share the dashboard with other organizations who play a role in the coordinated action and response. HxGN Connect complements existing systems, providing a richer, unified view of information with built-in messaging and tasking to enable both daily, ad hoc engagement and ongoing, structured collaboration. An enhanced level of collaboration and shared awareness solves problems not only for the affected organizations, but also for the communities they serve.

See our security and surveillance portfolio in action at ISC West

Experience Hexagon’s Security & Surveillance Portfolio at booth 13109 during ISC West, the largest converged security industry trade show in the U.S. The event will take place July 19-21, 2021 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Click here for your FREE expo pass.

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