Fiber Network Management for an Advancing Community

Over the last few years, utility companies have shown a renewed interest in fiber infrastructure. Operational and business needs like more telemetry for SCADA and DMS, collection points for AMI, more station monitor, critical infrastructure prevention, aging copper, new data requirements, and expensive legacy leases are driving fiber adoption and implementation across the industry. If you’re beginning the research process and considering a fiber optic network for your service area, watching our webinar, “Fiber Network Management for an Advancing Community,” would be a good place to start.

Hosted by the Fiber Broadband Association and presented by Mike Baker, senior industry expert for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, the webinar explores fiber adoption trends, technical challenges, and how our fiber infrastructure solutions can enhance network management for utilities – from design and construction through maintenance and operations. Baker also highlights how Tennessee’s EPB of Chattanooga used Hexagon technologies to build a smart grid, which runs a combined electric and fiber network model as well as provides the utility’s customers with broadband internet services.

Watch the webinar today!


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