For Your Eyes Only: License with Skill

Tomorrow Never Dies and you are ready: Software installed, data prepared, workflow defined.  The World is not Enough to contain your excitement.  You are ready to start and make the world a better place!

But wait.  Did the Skyfall?  The software won’t start.  Just like 007 himself, you need a license.  Where do you get it?  How do you install it?  Who can help? This is scaring The Living Daylights out of you.

Don’t worry, you can Die Another Day.  Today, we’ve got you covered.  James Bond has Q to give him his life-saving gadgets. Hexagon Geospatial has eTraining. It has A License to Kill your worries because we’ve made licensing your software easier than ever.

If you are using any of the Power Portfolio desktop products, visit our eTraining page, select your product, and use that Goldfinger to select the licensing video specific to your licensing needs.

This easy to follow video is For Your Eyes Only.  Watch and see how to enter your LAC, issue a license file, and install it on your system.

With the license in place you have A View to Kill your roadblocks and get working on making the world a better place.

With Hexagon Geospatial eTraining, Never Say Never Again.

This and other eTraining videos  From Hexagon Geospatial with Love, can be found by visiting

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