Don’t Miss These Utilities & Communications Workshops at HxGN LIVE

As your utility’s budget gets smaller, how do you decide what conferences and training to attend? When you consider what Hexagon has to offer this year for utilities and communications customers at HxGN LIVE, the answer becomes clearer.

Join the Safety & Infrastructure track at HxGN LIVE, 11-14 June in Las Vegas , to sharpen your skills and learn new ideas that shape the way we work and live. From fundamentals to in-depth training, each session and workshop will leave you feeling energized and better prepared to tackle challenges facing your industry.

You can also maximize your Hexagon technology investment by earning a Smart Utility Enterprise certificate of completion during the conference. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

4 Must-Attend Utilities & Communications Workshops at HxGN LIVE.

Here are four utilities and communications workshops you should plan to attend at HxGN LIVE:

Workshop: Configuring Intergraph NetWorks for Your Organization
Intergraph NetWorks is a flexible software suite that delivers secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities. By usingweb services to simplify interfaces, integrations, and task-oriented portals and mobile applications, NetWorks makes Intergraph G/Technology network models available and usable wherever needed, even on the move. In this two-hour session, aHexagon product expert will explain how to publish web services and provide examples of how organizations can use them to reduce costs, improve agility, and fulfill business needs.

Workshop: Leveraging the Power of Legend Builder
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-designed map speaks volumes. A good Intergraph G/Technology map begins with the legend, which took considerable time and effort in the past to build. Those days are over with Legend Builder, an application that allows users to create and manage the legend and edit metadata quickly and easily. In this instructor-led session, a Hexagon product expert will demonstrate how to copy an existing legend and editit to match a specific workflow.

Workshop: Exploring Spatial Analysis for Utilities
Utilities can assign a spatial location to most, if not all, data sets for smarter decision-making, analysis, and performance. In this session, a Hexagon product expert will discuss various spatial analysis techniques designed to merge network model data with other data sets to offer further insight into your utility’s operational system.

Workshop:Faster Outage Response with Intergraph InService Fault Location
When a power outage happens, utilities must identify the fault that caused the problem and begin making repairs as fast as possible. But with little information outside customer phone calls, finding the precise fault location can be time-consuming and expensive. With Intergraph InService Fault Location, crews can determine the location of faults more quickly and accurately, allowing utilities to cut costs and improve outage restoration times. In this instructor-led session, learn about InService Fault Location data model requirements and how to configure the module to reduce fault location time from hours to minutes.

View the full conference catalog here.

There’s no better place than HxGN LIVE to hear about the innovative technologies helping utilities adapt to change, improve the customer experience, and plan for the future.

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