Denmark’s National Emergency App Awarded for Smart Use of Geospatial Data

Since 2013, Danish citizens have been able to dial 1-1-2, the emergency number used in the European Union, as well as some other countries, through an official 1-1-2 app. The app transmits the caller’s position to the emergency dispatch center using the GPS in the phone, helping the dispatcher and the emergency vehicles locate and reach the right spot as fast as possible. In some cases, this means the difference between life and death.

The Audience’s Favorite

Two years after the launch, the 1-1-2 app has proven its worth and has been awarded in recognition for its simple, yet clever use of geospatial data at the Geospatial Data Prize – a new national prize show established as to recognize the smart use of geospatial data. The 1-1-2 app was elected as the audience’s favorite application with 47 percent of the vote, beating out two other nominated apps.

The Danish 1-1-2 app was developed by Intergraph in cooperation with the Danish Geodata Agency, the Danish National Police, and the Copenhagen Fire Department. It has been downloaded more than 750,000 times, making it one of the most downloaded free apps in Denmark.

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