Data from Airbus Defence and Space Helps Fuel the Map of the Future

Our world is jam-packed with geospatial data that is ready to be harnessed, referenced, and applied towards a better understanding of how the Earth works. In the geospatial industry, content providers play an integral part in delivering useful information to people that are looking for answers to specific questions and ways to solve business problems. In order to provide end-users with solutions, Hexagon Geospatial partnered with leading satellite imaging vendor, Airbus Defence and Space.

This partnership is the start of a content-sharing program that will bring together both Earth observation data and software for use in the development of smart applications. It’s crucial that we are able to provide our customers and partners with the most up-to-date content in order to successfully apply it towards solving real-world issues.

Airbus Defence and Space has been providing information and satellite imagery to their customers on an on demand bases for nearly 30 years. In addition, Airbus Defence and Space has launched an entire new satellite constellation containing the capacity to cover any point on the globe at least once a day.

This partnership will ultimately help to fuel the Map of the Future – the Hexagon Smart M.App® platform. Using optical satellite data from Airbus Defence and Space combined with new Hexagon Smart M.Apps, partners and customers will be able to access data in a more simplified fashion.

Initially, the partnership will provide users with access to content from Airbus Defence and Space’s high-resolution optical satellites, including Pléiades and SPOT. In the future, Hexagon Geospatial smart applications will be able to utilize the powerful radar images and digital elevation models from TerraSAR-X.

Together with Airbus Defence and Space, Hexagon Geospatial will provide users access to superior information on a near-real time daily basis to support their operation workflows, business objectives, and humanitarian efforts.

To learn more about the partnership between Airbus Defence and Space and Hexagon Geospatial, read the full press release.

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