Cyber Security and Computer-Aided Dispatch

How secure are your IT systems? Are they protected from intrusions, viruses, and malware? Is your data safe from corruption and theft? Recent high profile hacks, like Target and Sony, show just how important it is to secure your organization’s data – and secure it well.

Due to the nature and types of data collected by public safety agencies and government organizations, cyber security and protecting sensitive information is of the utmost importance. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Intergraph Government Solutions work hard to ensure our computer-aided dispatch, business intelligence, and records management solutions are compliant with CJIS and i3 standards.

In this HxGN TV episode, Intergraph Government Solution’s Vice President of Military and Intelligence solutions Rob Mott discusses industry best practices and cyber security standards with Cameron Smith, executive director of security solutions for Intergraph Government Solutions. Enjoy!

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