Clevest Partnership Brings New Opportunities to Hexagon’s Utility and Telecommunication Customers

Strategic partnerships generate advantages and benefits for direct and indirect parties every day. A great example of this is our recently announced partnership with Clevest, which will improve Hexagon’s utility solutions.

Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division and Clevest have partnered to offer robust workforce automation products alongside Hexagon’s utility GIS and outage management systems for integrated office-to-field solutions. This relationship will expand mobility of network engineering and operations solutions for utilities and telecommunications companies working to achieve smart city status in North America.

With improved capabilities, Hexagon’s customers and users can leverage Clevest’s mobile workforce management tools for more advanced field operations and crew scheduling. Customers and users will be able to streamline operations in the field and office, improving daily workloads, outage response events, and strategic decision making across the enterprise.

When a diverse group of professionals works toward a common goal, technology partnerships, like the Hexagon and Clevest relationship, benefit end users. In any given day, utility and telecommunication companies face several recurring activities. Aligning tools used in the field and office is key to achieving a more productive, mobile, and cost-efficient workforce.

The Hexagon and Clevest partnership offers high caliber collaboration among utility experts who want to contribute to innovative organizations. With modern, industry-leading technology, Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division is ready to expand its integrated solutions with key partnerships for advanced network engineering and streamlined operations opportunities.

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