Case study: Supporting the largest public safety video monitoring project in Brazil

Inaugurated in 2016, the Center for Operations and Intelligence (COI), under the Public Safety Secretariat of the State of Bahia (SSP-BA) gathers military police, local police, the fire department and forensics teams, as well as other federal and municipal agents. Several SSP-BA superintendencies also operate out of the COI, including the Integrated Center for Regional Command and Control (CICC), the Integrated Communications Center (CICOM) and the state public safety secretary. In all, approximately 560 professionals at the center and more than 6,000 field agents serve approximately 4 million residents.

To improve public safety in Bahia, SSP-BA’s Technological and Organizational Management Superintendence (SGTO) invested in the implementation of a video monitoring project called “Video Police,” which was considered the largest and most comprehensive public safety technology project in the country.

Based on pilot project results, SSP-BA carried out a bidding process to expand the project to 78 other municipalities across the state, and HxGN OnCall Dispatch and HxGN On Call Security | Guardian were selected to support Bahia’s capital city and municipalities in its metropolitan region. In 40 days leading up to Carnival in 2023, the CAD system received approximately 200,000 calls, and over 37,500 events were created. During the event, 79 fugitives were arrested and there was a 49% reduction in cases of bodily injury and a 13% reduction in hate crimes, theft and robberies compared to the last event held in 2020, before the pandemic.

Read the full case study to learn more.

“With the system we implemented, one policeman can do the job of 10.”

– Colonel Marcos Oliveira, superintendent of technological and organizational management of the COI

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