Case study: Accelerating abandoned mine monitoring

RAG Aktiengesellschaft is Germany’s largest coal mining corporation. When coal mining ended in Germany’s Ruhr region in 2018, RAG devoted itself to making the area more livable. Years of excavations contributed to sink holes and other environmental hazards. RAG is now responsible for monitoring the former mines and identifying locations of potential damage so preventive measures can be taken before sink holes or subsidence occur. 

To aid these measures, RAG worked with longtime Hexagon partner GEOSYSTEMS GmbH to implement a solution including remote sensing, aerial photography and photogrammetry components. To accelerate its monitoring activities and for aerial imagery archival purposes, RAG leveraged this partnership to implement an organizational system powered by ERDAS APOLLO called the Luftbildarchiv Admin Tool. 

“We see the Luftbildarchiv Admin Tool as the perfect tool for the coming years, which will allow us to fulfill our monitoring tasks very efficiently and reliably, even with increasing data volumes and limited staff.” 

Andreas Schlienkamp 

Manager, RAG remote sensing team 

Read the full case study to learn more.

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