Building Smart Cities with Hexagon Technologies

It doesn’t matter where your community is on its journey to becoming a Smart City. Hexagon technologies can help you break down data silos, improve collaboration, and plan for tomorrow.

The best place to discover these solutions? The Zone at HxGN LIVE, 11-14 June, in Las Vegas.

With more than 120,000 square feet of innovation, The Zone is a can’t miss experience technology expo

All cities are a system of systems. What sets a Smart City apart is how its systems work together through the convergence of the physical worlds and the digital world with intelligence built-in to all processes.

Here are some of the Smart City technologies you’ll see in The Zone at HxGN LIVE:

    • Data Mining & Analytics – identify and mitigate risk and improve resource management and operational efficiency.


    • Next Generation Call-Taking & Dispatching – manage communications and critical information from multimedia sources and coordinate and track resources and situations in real time.


    • Multi-Agency Resource Management – provide the information and capabilities to optimize resources across multiple services and jurisdictions.


    • Infrastructure Management & Operation – better understand asset conditions, minimize vital service disruptions, and expedite recovery.


    • Incident Command Systems – enable collaboration between emergency and other city services for faster, more efficient major event planning, response, recovery, and mitigation.


    • Mobile Working – empower personnel, increase situational awareness, and enhance efficiency and service delivery.


    • Digital Records & Evidence – collect and manage information about people, places, and incidents to aid evidence-based investigations and decision-making.


  • Dashboards & Reporting – make information accessible, interactive, and fact-based for greater insight, visibility, and engagement.

Don’t miss these great technologies and more. Register today to save $300 on your conference registration.

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