Always on Your Side: 6 Ways HxGN OnCall Stands Out from the Pack

Recently, we launched HxGN OnCall, the most comprehensive public safety portfolio on the market. It enables agencies to fully address the pressures they face each day through modernized capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility.

We created HxGN OnCall to be flexible, agile, and scalable – so it works for agencies today and well into the future. When we started designing the portfolio, two of the major tenants were to provide a lower capital expenditure and to reduce needed IT resources. These would allow any size agency the ability to implement a premier system.

With HxGN OnCall, large and small agencies alike can enjoy the advantages of our robust portfolio suites – all built on 30 years of experience as a global leader in the public safety marketplace.

To make this achievable, we’ve developed HxGN OnCall to be more modular, resulting in more pricing flexibility. Agencies can license certain products by matching capabilities to functional needs and add optional modules for specialist functions. Our portfolio is comprised of four suites and many modules, so each solution can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Let’s explore six of the great features that make HxGN OnCall unparalleled among its peers:

  1. Simplified Administration & Customization
    HxGN OnCall is simple to administer. Its powerful, configuration-based customization and centralized administration increase agency agility, while cutting management overhead. This means less coding, easier integration, and fewer services required to implement the system. Cloud deployments also allow agencies to apply updates as they roll out without the cost and disruption of conventional customization.
  2. Transformative User Experience (UX)
    Our UX team members were the first ones at the table when we started white boarding HxGN OnCall four years ago. They’ve been involved since day one – before a single line of code was written – and it shows. To date, they’ve met with over 370 call-takers, dispatchers, records users, and field responders around the world, testing and refining our user interface (UI) and workflows. HxGN OnCall’s design includes more intuitive dispatch workflows, a unified UX for mobility, and analytics for all users, just to list a few.
  3. Unified Call-Taking Workflows
    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Call-Taker integrates and streamlines a number of call-taking workflows into a single, unified UX. The module is next-gen ready with the framework PSAPs require to receive different call types beyond telephones, such as SMS, instant messaging, and video calls. It also accommodates new technologies to provide more accurate caller location and personal information, including language, disabilities, and medical conditions.
  4. Data Driven
    The HxGN OnCall portfolio not only provides robust operational data, but also gives you the ability to apply analysis to make objective, data-driven operational and business decisions. Leverage data analytics in real time to enhance awareness, increase efficiency, optimize resources, and augment and assist users. HxGN OnCall’s dashboards, reporting, and analytics capabilities allow everyone, including non-traditional users, to visualize and analyze live and historic data to make better use of their resources.
  5. Embedded Analytics
    HxGN OnCall goes beyond basic data analytics capabilities by leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. While intelligent applications can never totally replace humans, we do think they’re here to help – not hinder – us, so we want to embrace what’s possible. We will be applying embedded analytics across all our product suites in the near future, so stay tuned.
  6. Situational Awareness & Collaboration Portal
    We’re also building a SaaS-based situational awareness and collaboration portal. This portal will integrate live data from multiple sources, including systems, machines, sensors, and devices, and present a common operational picture to users. Think along the lines of alerts, data feeds, and chat capabilities – all facilitating collaboration across multiple organizations, all tiers of responders, and different industries.

I’ve heard other providers say their products offer these same six features. But, no other solution on the market provides the seamless interoperability, flexibility, and scalability that HxGN OnCall does – and especially not with our decades of experience of walking alongside customers helping to solve tough problems they’re facing.

Change happens fast – and so do emergencies. There’s no “off” when you work in public safety. Hexagon has redefined what it means to be always on, building on nearly three decades of industry experience and knowledge and working with you to create solutions – solutions like HxGN OnCall – that connect your agency with technology, data, and insights. Enabling you to not just respond when an incident happens fast, but to adjust, change, and eventually prevent them from happening in the future.

Check out HxGN OnCall on our website or contact us and we’ll be happy to show you why Hexagon products help protect 1 in 12 people around the world.

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