All. Together. Now.: Reimagining smart city collaboration with HxGN Connect

What stands in the way of authentic, effective collaboration in your organization? Your city? Even your region? Likely, it’s siloed people, processes, and IT systems and the barriers to break down those silos, from integration challenges to politics over data ownership and exchange.

Until now.

An exciting new era of collaboration has begun, bringing with it true cross-functional collaboration, shared awareness, and coordinated action – hallmarks of smart cities, communities, and organizations.

Introducing HxGN Connect

I’m excited to announce the launch of HxGN Connect. HxGN Connect is a cloud-native, SaaS workspace for collaboration. It aims to bridge the gaps between organizations, cities, and regions, so they can share and act on data, quickly, easily, and securely.

With HxGN Connect, there are no more silos. You can integrate and share data and work with others around that data, whether for daily operations, emergency response, major event management, transportation management, or other essential services.

Breaking down barriers

HxGN Connect creates a rich, unified view of information – such as assets, incidents, units, cameras, and alarms. You can access data from the original sources through robust integration capabilities, while retaining full ownership and control of your own data.

But it’s more than a common view. You can coordinate action around the data in a secure environment, with the tools users need to collaborate, such as built-in messaging and tasking capabilities. And unlike typical data sharing projects, our convenient cloud-based subscription service gets you up and running in a matter of weeks.

Reimagine collaboration

As cities and regions become more reliant on complex webs of services and infrastructure, there is a pressing need to bridge the operational gaps between providers. Within most governments and organizations, departments work independently, even though their actions and decisions often impact other departments, organizations, and the public.

HxGN Connect helps solve that problem – whether for ad-hoc collaboration between departments in a single organization or for ongoing, structured engagement across multiple organizations in a city or region.

With HxGN Connect, the possibilities for your organization and operations are truly endless.

Learn more

Are you ready to reimagine collaboration? Contact us to find out more about HxGN Connect here.

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