Advanced collaboration tools key to citywide, regional communication needs

Communicating within organizations or across departments or jurisdictions is necessary for many routine functions that keep cities and regions moving, and it becomes critical during large events or incidents. That’s why it’s important to stay organized and have policies and workflows in place to keep communication clear and consistent.

Advanced collaboration technologies are crucial tools that facilitate this process. Here are just a few tips on how to make the most of them, in this case with HxGN Connect, our new cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace.

Dedicated channels for planned events

Communities and regions often play host to large events such as concerts, festivals or fairs, which require increased planning and resources. In these situations, collaboration tools can greatly increase public safety, especially when dedicated channels for the events can be established with data sovereignty rules in place.

Even with multiple stakeholders collaborating, with HxGN Connect, dedicated channels can be created and parameters set so that only members of targeted organizations can communicate. The channels can contain text, images, videos or other data that is visible in real-time and stored chronologically, and additional stakeholders can be added on the fly in ad hoc situations, allowing you to get the right people, organizations and entities collaborating in the channel.

Custom feeds to monitor high-priority information across multiple regions

Sometimes, unplanned incidents, events or natural disasters require the collaboration of an entire region so that order can be maintained and emergency services and other services deployed effectively. An enhanced common operating picture (COP) is necessary for these situations – one that is broader than just maps or event data – one that provides shared awareness, not just a mashup of data feeds.

Collaboration technology allows for the sharing of data from systems of record without the exposure of those systems directly to other organizations. Additionally, it supplements existing tools to display a broader set of feeds. With HxGN Connect, customized feeds with relevant content can be created for individual users or user groups. On top of maps and real-time data, a custom layout can integrate live streams from video cameras or entire video management systems. Further, it can visualize data such as social media or RSS feeds from specific events or organizations.

Scalability based on the numbers and sizes of organizations

Just as events, both planned and otherwise, vary greatly in scope, so too, should your collaboration technology’s capabilities. Maintaining separate tools to handle day-to-day events and emergencies or large-scale, regional events can be cost-prohibitive. It is much more financially viable to have one solution that can meet the needs of the mundane to the extreme, so that as many, or as few, users and organizations have access to needed data as possible.

Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, HxGN Connect can scale to meet the needs of any size event with any number of organizations involved. It provides you with actionable data for day-to-day operations, as well as individual channels you can use to address any crisis with specific, key players; you can even send out temporary guest invitations for those who don’t typically use HxGN Connect in moments of crisis or emergency situations. As an organizations uses HxGN Connect, it can more clearly define which data it would like to share and with whom.

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