Achieving Operations-Ready Network Models Through GIS Foundation Changes

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Today, more utilities are depending on enterprise GIS data for key operational and maintenance functionality, using the data for distribution management, work and outage management, and emergency response. But trends across the industry suggest that traditional GIS technologies sometimes lack the necessary information to support advancing operational requirements. Because of this, many utilities are beginning to look at network model management as a means for maintaining the distribution network and a foundation for enterprise-wide integration.

Here are just a few questions utilities can ask to gauge if current network systems support the organization’s current and future operational needs:

  • Does your system fully support full civil, electrical, and gas network models without being limited by topological connectivity?
  • Is your geospatial database open and easily integrated to other systems?
  • Is your network model’s connectivity a logical connectivity model, rather than a graphical one with topology being built based on graphics touching?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re probably already working within a network model management foundation. An advanced enterprise GIS foundation combined with network model management provides utilities a more reliable and interoperable model that supports operations and maintenance activities with the most up-to-date asset, connectivity, and network data.

If you would like to learn more about network model management and how it could be incorporated into your enterprise, download T&D World’s new white paper “Rethinking Geographic Information Systems.”

T&D World is also hosting a webinar on the topic March 28th at 2:00 p.m. EST. During the webinar, utility industry thought leaders from Snohomish County PUD and EPRI will:

  • Discuss sector-wide changes that are impacting the market.
  • Show the importance of having advanced enterprise GIS solutions that create true network models to serve various parts of the enterprise.
  • Provide examples of operational excellence associated with these platforms.

To learn more about combining advanced enterprise GIS foundation and network model management, register for the webinar today.

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