5 steps to get started using data in your public safety agency

Data analysis, which we often use to make changes to everything from our finances to our health, has become part of our daily lives.

For public safety agencies, data analysis can help improve efficiency, empower decision-making, and increase collaboration. The insights analytics provide can transform operations from reactive to proactive, leading to safer, more resilient cities.

For agencies ready to leverage the power of data, consider these five steps to maximize analytics:

1) Determine the strategy

Examine specific areas that need to improve, then leverage analytics to develop strategies for resolving any issues or pain points. For example, if you want to reduce calls for service response times, data analysis can identify shortcomings and establish new performance benchmarks.

2) Outline the tactics

Once you’ve determined improvement strategies, choose how to capture and use the data. For example, interactive dashboards can provide immediate access to relevant information, while also letting you explore specific details, if needed.

3) Monitor the data

Monitoring data regularly will help you better understand how your agency is performing in areas marked for improvement. Frequent checkups are essential to making the most of your data analysis.

4) Continually measure

Repeated data measurement will provide ample opportunities to proactively optimize your operations while discovering new insights. It also provides a better understanding of how the data is evolving, helping you make more informed decisions.

5) Learn from the feedback

Feedback will help you evaluate progress and make educated decisions about the next steps in achieving your goals. Agency leaders can analyze operational feedback metrics to improve performance and create greater efficiencies.

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If you’re interested in helping your agency fully leverage data, download our free e-book Transform Your Public Safety Agency with Analytics. You’ll learn how to get started using analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

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