Which Utilities Are Sharing Their Story at HxGN LIVE 2019?

Every year, the most popular utilities and communications sessions at HxGN LIVE are those led by Hexagon customers and partners.

Learn how to improve productivity and better deliver vital city services by attending our customer and partner sessions for utilities and communications organizations at HxGN LIVE 2019, Hexagon’s digital solutions conference to be held 11-14 June in Las Vegas.

Check out some of these firsthand testimonials you’ll hear at HxGN LIVE:

Customer Story: Using Spatial Analysis to Improve Operations
Mike Fobair, GIS Resource Coordinator, Liberty Utilities
Data silos occur when information from disparate systems fail to connect, leading to inefficiencies within an organization. By breaking down data silos, utilities can enhance performance, streamline workflows, and reduce operational costs. In this customer-led session, Mike Fobair from Liberty Utilities will share how spatial analysis has improved the way his organization does business.

Customer Story: How EPB is Transforming Communications & Service
Ken Jones, Manager Fiber Design & GIS, EPB
Today’s electric power customers expect more than just reliable service. They also want to understand and reduce their energy use, discover new products, and stay as green as possible. EPB, one of America’s largest publicly owned electric power providers, is at the forefront of this movement by delivering a unique customer service experience to more than 170,000 homes and businesses in greater Chattanooga, Tennessee, and parts of north Georgia. From securing the smart grid to developing a customer app built on advanced mobile technology, EPB is a proven role model for utilities around the world. In this customer-ledsession, EPB manager Ken Jones will explain how you can grow your customer communications network and ensure your organization is prepared for the future.

The Impact of Fiber on the Evolution of the Smart City
Lee Comer, Network Design Division Director, Forsite Group
Jeff Gavlinski, Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Forsite Group
This panel will explore the pivotal role fiber plays in the growth and sustainability of Smart Cities. Topics covered in this session include: rural Connectivity: lack of fiber could accelerate urbanization and rural community contraction,interactive cloud-based technologies and their potential influence on networks (AI/Gaming/VR), combination of Robotics and AI network impacts, and ubiquitous fiber is foundationally critical to 5G.

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