Webinar: AI for law enforcement: Turning real-time data into actionable intelligence

Law enforcement agencies are inundated with data from multiple sources. Identifying actionable intelligence in this flood of information can be difficult. 

HxGN Connect, Hexagon’s real-time incident center as a service solution, leverages assistive AI to help dispatchers, analysts, detectives and real-time crime center staff zero in on relevant incoming information. By identifying data patterns faster, agencies can deploy resources to resolve emergencies sooner and solve crimes faster. 

In this on-demand webinar, see firsthand how HxGN Connect can help your agency turn real-time data into actionable intelligence with demos of: 

  • Automatic keyword monitoring for increased school safety 
  • Identification of emerging crime hot spots in real time 
  • Location insights for improved officer safety 

Watch the webinar here.

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