UK Government Now Has Simpler Access to Hexagon’s Solutions

Hexagon’s Geospatial division is proud to announce its listing on the G-Cloud 11 framework within the Digital Marketplace of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). With this listing, potential customers within the public sector in the UK will have easier access to Hexagon’s leading geospatial software and services for the Defence and Smart City sectors.

With more than 45 years invested in continuous product innovation, Hexagon’s Geospatial division has 450+ geoprocessing services available on the cloud that can use multi-source data to perform operations such as georeferencing, orthorectification, and change detection.

The Luciad Portfolio specialises in the visualisation and analytics of dynamic data like air, land and maritime tracks, UAS Full Motion Video and live sensor and radar feeds. Incorporating Luciad technology, the Geospatial division transforms the map from a static picture of how the world was into a dynamic information service that presents a host of interactive tools to understand the world in real time and make better decisions.

Hexagon’s G-Cloud offerings in the Cloud Software category can also be located under further categories such as Analytics and Business Intelligence, Information and Communications Technology (ITC) and Transport and Logistics. These current listings include:

  • LuciadFusion – One-minute data management with easy setup and publication of data via OGC service protocols. Data management with an extensive API that lets you create tailored analytics services.
  • LuciadRIA – 2D & 3D map visualisation and desktop-like user interaction in the browser. 3D capabilities include 3D terrain as well as reality meshes and point clouds.
  • M.App Enterprise – Platform to configure apps that are tailored for various users across an enterprise, including extensive business intelligence analytics capabilities.
  • Smart M.App – Dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data, and available in the form of easy-to-use apps.

Hexagon’s G-Cloud offerings in the Cloud Support categories include:

  • Training GIS & Geospatial Software – Certified trainers share their expertise with software professionals who develop projects using Luciad technology. We familiarise training participants with best practices in geospatial application development and with Luciad’s product philosophy.
  • Consultancy for GIS & Geospatial Software – LuciadRIA & LuciadFusion are products used in industries such as Defence, Aviation and Smart Cities. They aid in the creation of diverse solutions with real-time data and analytics capabilities. A team of consultants can be hired to assist you in building your solution using these products.
  • Custom Development for GIS & Geospatial Software –LuciadRIA & LuciadFusion are likewise products used in industries such as Defence, Aviation and Smart Cities. However, these products are especially applicable for the creation of diverse mission-critical applications. A team of experienced engineers can be hired to build or customise your solution using these products.

For more details about Hexagon’s listings, visit the Digital Marketplace.

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