The Perks of Working from Home: Furry Colleagues

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world, upending our established routines and ushering in a “new normal” that’s now stretched on for more than half a year. It can be tough to pick out bright points amid the changes; masks, social distancing, and daily updates on the infection rate are important, but they hardly spark joy in most of the population.

One positive that has come from the increase in remote work, however, is getting to spend more time with our loved ones — including furry friends who are probably thrilled to have us home all the time. (Dogs, at least. If we’re being honest, cats are indifferent, at best.)

In the spirit of spreading happiness, several employees from Hexagon’s Geospatial division have shared photos of their pet coworkers so we can all enjoy a little mood boost.


Brad Skelton’s dog Turtle takes a hands-off approach to helping him with his work at home. Brad is the Product Line Director for M.App X and ERDAS IMAGINE.

Meow and Chloe

Rese Armstrong’s cats Meow and Chloe help man the kitchen while she works. Rese is a Product Marketing Manager.

Willow Hyde Honey

Rese also gets assistance with her daughter Hyde’s at-home digital learning, thanks to her dogs Willow and Honey.


Marek Brylski’s cat Luna sometimes helps with evening e-mail traffic. Marek is the Product Line Director for WebGIS and GeoMedia Enterprise.


Orrin Long’s cat Lucy supervises the printing of important documents. Orrin is the Product Manager for the ImageStation product line and portions of the GeoMedia product line.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s cat Participle (Party for short) helps keep worker morale up by overseeing seasonal decoration. Elizabeth is a Senior Content and Communications Specialist.


Ian Anderson’s cat Magenta likes being close to the action, preferably sitting right on Ian’s keyboard while he works. Ian is Chief Product Owner for desktop remote sensing and photogrammetry products.


Ian is also joined by bats in the attic when he works from home. While they’re not technically pets, their contributions in his workplace cannot be overlooked.


Justin Dinger’s dog Banjo believes in passive supervision, preferring to watch quietly while Justin works. Justin is the Global Communications and Content Manager.

Ruth and Lotte

Ruth Lutz’s cat Lotte offers companionship during the workday. Ruth is a Senior Software Engineer.

Lotte and Lulu

Ruth’s cats, Lotte and Luise (Lulu for short), have history with Hexagon. In 2015, they were kittens offered in a Hexagon Geospatial silent auction to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Ruth was enamored and adopted them. Because they were nearly identical, she named them after the twins in the German version of “The Parent Trap.” Despite (or because of) their tenure with the company, they can get away with swapping jobs during business hours.
















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