The Internet of Things for Utility Networks

Imagine everything is a computer. Imagine everything is connected to the internet, collecting data, and sharing that information across the network to other devices and services. That’s the Internet of Things (IoT) at its most basic definition.

Gartner expects consumer IoT devices to dominate by 2020 with 12.86 billion units connected. For vertical-specific businesses, Gartner predicts that 3.17 billion devices will be online, including manufacturing field devices, process sensors for electrical generating plants, real-time location devices for healthcare, and more. From smart meters to consumer-based home automation solutions like the Nest Learning Thermostat, utility and communications companies are having to quickly embrace new operation models and business processes.

In this HxGN TV episode, I talk to Auburn University’s Anthony Skjellum about the IoT, Industrial IoT, and the implications these trends will have on utility and communications networks. Watch as we discuss the next wave of technology systems that will impact the utilities and communications enterprise.

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