The future of Smart Cities is collaborative

The common perception of a Smart City is the ability to leverage cutting-edge innovations, such as cameras, Wifi hotspots, kiosks, and intelligent streetlights.

While each of these technologies is valuable, a true Smart City is made up of an ecosystem where all participants – from the private and public sectors to NGOs to citizens – benefit and gain value from investments.

This points to the need for enhanced collaboration where cities can gain a wider shared awareness to give richer context around plans, locations, resources, assets, and actions to better inform operations and enable coordination.

Current data sharing challenges

In today’s cities, communities, governments, and businesses rely on the services and infrastructure of diverse organizations, each of which performs a specific and valuable function.

However, siloed data, processes, and operations result in limited shared awareness and coordination across functional roles, organizations, and sectors. Data sharing initiatives have largely been one-way streets with a central entity capturing most of the value or been limited to a specific type of data or workflow.

Ultimately, this results in missed opportunities to inform planning and improve performance, efficiency, and safety for day-to-day operations. It can also create conflicting actions, delays in identifying and responding to issues, and error-prone communications.

Time to reimagine Smart City collaboration

Imagine the ability to bring together information and people from public and private organizations to truly collaborate.

The future of Smart Cities will be rooted in connected data communities that enable users to work with diverse people and information irrespective of their organization and IT. Users will finally leverage rich data for their own workflows and coordinate with users in other roles and organizations – from formal, continued collaboration to short-lived, ad hoc communication, tasks, and sharing.

Something big is coming in Smart City collaboration

Soon, Hexagon will enable forward-thinking communities around the world to truly experience shared awareness and coordinated action across diverse operational functions, organizations, and sectors.

The future of Smart Cities is almost here. Are you ready?

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