Something big is coming!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Something big is coming from Hexagon, and it’s almost here.

We all know that collaborating is the key ingredient to shared success. But let’s face it: collaborating within organizations can sometimes be challenging. And even more, collaborating across organizations can be messy. For many that aspire to collaborate, people, processes, and IT systems are often siloed. Barriers such as funding, politics, and technology can doom data sharing projects before they start.

But what if there were no barriers?

What if true collaboration could be achieved for individual organizations, within cities, and across regions? What if participants could securely share the data they want others to see and actively collaborate with data from others as events unfold – whether the event is ad-hoc, routine, or an emergency?

With the ability to share, aggregate, and visualize data from the same trusted sources, you could:

  • Connect technology and data across your city
    • Integrating data from disparate systems, sensors, and devices provides a holistic understanding of shared challenges and opportunities, delivering the ability to better plan and respond to incidents.
  • Connect with other organizations and people in your city
    • Bringing together different organizations, both public and private, to collaborate enables new and more integrated services for a better citizen experience.
  • Connect everything within your city
    • A true smart city is a collaborative endeavor between the disparate parts it comprises, allowing them to solve today’s common and not-so-common problems together to improve the quality of life for residents.

Hexagon wants to bridge the gaps between operational functions, organizations, and industries – from public safety, transportation, utilities, and more – through collaborative, connected data communities, bringing people, technology, data, and organizations together to collaborate in ways never before possible.

Be a part of the big reveal at the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series, which starts next week! The free, virtual series will take place June 8, 10, 15, and 17, featuring informative sessions, panel discussions, and one-on-one interviews in an interactive environment across multiple time zones around the world.

To get the scoop, attend the keynote session where President Steven Cost will unveil new technologies from Hexagon that will enable people, purpose, and possibility to come together to achieve true collaboration.

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