See the Forest for the Trees with M.App Enterprise 2021

Trees are a thing in Klagenfurt. Located in southern Austria, the city of Klagenfurt is home to around 100,000 human inhabitants and seven times as many trees. In 2019, an art curator planted 300 trees in Klagenfurt’s football stadium to remind us that someday nature may all but disappear.

While trees in cities are an important weapon in the fight against climate change, in urban settings, they can cause damage to infrastructure when branches or whole trees fall. Therefore, it’s key to maintain regular tree inspections and keep branches pruned.

Automated Monitoring

With the new features of the M.App Enterprise 2021 release, the city of Klagenfurt can now automate the monitoring of dangerous trees. Being a longtime Hexagon customer, the city of Klagenfurt provided its urban landscape to be visualized in M.App Enterprise. This urban landscape model automatically detects where trees are located and which trees could potentially cause damage to buildings, power lines, roads, or rail networks.

M.App Enterprise 2021 can now combine terrain data, 3D structures, meshes, 360° panoramic imagery, and point clouds into one common operational picture. Trees that have been flagged as dangerous can be examined remotely with the detailed imagery available within the spatio-temporal dashboard, also known as a Smart M.App.

Upon closer examination of the tree imagery, inspectors can decide whether the tree indeed looks suspicious and if pruning will be necessary. An inspector can immediately set up a workflow from within the dashboard to assign the mission to a field worker. The field worker will receive an alert on his mobile phone, along with detailed instructions. He can also use M.App Enterprise’s mobile app to receive navigation directions and send pictures and comments about the tree to the inspector in real time.

See this functionality for yourself in this video:

Trees can cause damage in cities, but trees can also provide cooling and shade during summer, reducing the energy required for air conditioning systems, and provide shelter from winds and rain during the winter. These functions too can now be monitored with the M.App Enterprise 2021 release, since it allows users to apply shading, depth of field, and light effects to 3D data to simulate light sources realistically. A Smart M.App user can also select and deselect all effects previously applied by the administrator.

To learn more about how M.App Enterprise can provide insights for smart cities, take a look at this webinar.

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